When we set up an account with your new supplier we will create a unique email address for you, this is known as a proxy email address. This email address will be used by your supplier to communicate with you, through us. 

We set this up to ensure we receive all important communications, such as bills and price increases to ensure your always on the best deal for you.

What is a proxy email address? - A proxy email address is a secondary email connected to you. See Flipper as your personal email management service where we filter through and send only the emails that require your attention or for information purposes

Do not worry you won't miss out on anything. We forward all of the important bits directly to you so you do not need to monitor any of the emails.

You will need to use this email address to sign into your supplier's website. You can access your login details by logging into your Flipper dashboard here.

If you ever need to contact your supplier, make sure you quote this.

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