• Please click here to access the Flipper dashboard login page. 
  • Please enter your personal email address and the password you created at sign up. 
  • If you cannot remember the password, please click here to reset the password. Alternatively, please click 'Forgot Password?' to reset this.

Once you are logged in to the Flipper account, you can access your supplier's online account by using the following instructions:

  • Please click 'Supplier account' at the top of the page.
  • To toggle between your current and previous suppliers, please click "Looking for previous supplier(s)?"
  • You will then need to click 'Open supplier account'.
  • This will show your Flipper generated email address and password to use on your supplier's website.
  • You will then need to open the supplier's website and one by one, copy the email address and password across.
  • Your password will be starred out so please ensure you select the "show password" box before copying this information over.
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