Joules was developed to save you even more on your energy bills. Here’s what separates our new algorithm from the others.


Joules ensures that whenever you're flipped, you'll pay less for energy than you currently do. The traditional method of calculating savings isn't always fair for UK energy customers — it assumes you’ll be flipped to a more expensive rollover tariff when your current deal expires, and can result in heavily inflated “phantom” savings.


As we flip you to better tariffs throughout the year, Joules considers more than just savings when determining your best deal. We take your current exit fees into account, and compare both savings and exit fees on available new tariffs to ensure you get the greatest long term savings.


Joules takes ‘flipping times’ into account, prioritising tariffs that you’ll benefit from sooner. The faster you can flip to a cheaper tariff, the less time you spend on your more expensive current deal — and the more you save.

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