Most switching websites work on a commission basis. If we took commission, energy suppliers might try to pressure us into prioritising their tariffs.

Charging fees means that we don't need to take commission from suppliers, so you can be sure that we'll always flip you to the best deal for you.

You pay a yearly subscription fee of £30, which we charge for the first time only when we find you a deal that satisfies our minimum savings guarantee of £50 or more.

We check the market every month and will flip you again if we find you a deal with further savings, ensuring you're always on the best tariffs for you. Your subscription fee is only paid once a year and covers all the flips we make during the year.

We’ll auto-renew your membership for another 12 months at the end of your membership year. We’ll send you an email reminder a month before your membership is scheduled for renewal, and you can opt out of our service at any time.

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