How does Flipper work?

Flipper is a flipping service that finds your best available energy deal and flips you to it, managing the whole process for you.

We keep you on the best deal by checking the market and your bills every month, and if we find you a better deal with even greater savings, we'll flip you again. We’ll tell you when we’re going to perform our checks and will give you the option to opt out should you wish to remain on your current tariff.

How is Flipper different from a price comparison website?

In a few key ways:

  • We don’t present you with lists of quotes to understand and compare — we do that for you to find your best available deal.
  • We don’t just show you what deals are available — we flip you to them, managing the whole process for you.
  • We never rely on estimations to determine your usage, which can result in inaccurate quotes and missed savings. We get accurate usage data from your bills to ensure you pay the cheapest price for the energy you use.
  • We don’t take commission from energy suppliers, which means we can flip you to the best deals across the whole of the market, that you won’t find on price comparison sites.
  • We don’t monetise you by sharing/selling your data, or bombarding you with ads.
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