We can flip our member to any publicly advertised tariff, but there can be a few exceptions

Flipper can support the following residential credit meter types:

· Standard single rate (profile class 01, also called "general domestic" or "GD")

· Economy 7 (profile class 02, where you have a day rate and a night rate)

Find out about smart meters here

Meters/Tariffs we don’t support

· Warm Home Discounts - We take this saving into account when we flip you, so if you already receive this, our savings will need to cover the discount you already have as well.
As not all suppliers support this, we are unable to include this criteria when we search. This means that your although your new supplier may not offer this discount the deal could still be better than a supplier that would offer it.
Once flipped you can contact your new supplier directly, to see if they can offer you this as a further saving.

· Prepayment meters (where you use a token, key or card to pay for your utilities in advance)

· Economy 10 meters (for night storage heaters) 

· Economy 20:20 meters or similar (various different rates depending on time of day)

· Related MPANs (2 MPAN 1 meter, 2MPAN 2 meters)

· 3-rate tariffs

· Non-domestic tariffs

· Unmetered Supply

· The Green Deal

If you use a token, card or key to top up or pay for your electricity in advance, we won't be able to flip you as we won't be able to calculate your annual usage. Depending on whether you asked for the prepayment meter to be installed, you might be able to get your supplier to change it to a standard meter.

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