After your flip is instructed by Flipper, many of our members have common questions about the following topics.

How do I submit my opening meter readings to my new supplier? 

Once the flip is underway, your supplier will ask for meter readings, so they can have a starting point for your supply — if you've been flipped to a new supplier, these readings are also sent to your original supplier to calculate the final bill so you won't be paying two companies for the same energy.

There is a window period around your live date (i.e. the day your new provider starts supplying your energy) in which these readings can be taken — it's usually 3–5 days before and after the live date. 

We will let you know when you need to do this and we'll then send them to the supplier on your behalf — keep an eye out for this e-mail in the final week of the flip process, or on your live date!

When and how do I pay my final bill to my old supplier?

When your flip is complete, your former supplier will generate a final bill for you based on the meter readings — again, your new supplier will send these to your
original supplier as part of the flip process.

Most suppliers will send the final bill within a few weeks. Just so you know, Ofgem does allow a time scale of 6–8 weeks for the supplier to send you the final bill. If it is not produced after this timescale, let us know and we can help chase this for you.

How do I get back the credit on my old supplier's account?

If your account is in credit when the final payment is taken, your former supplier will refund the money straight to your bank account. This will happen after you have received your final bill.

If you have not received this 14 days after your final bill being produced, let us know and we can help chase this for you.

Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit to my old supplier? 

Smaller suppliers may take an early Direct Debit payment as an account buffer. This is used as credit on your energy account and if your Direct Debit fully covers your bills, you'll get that money back when we flip you away, so please don't worry about being billed too much — it's a normal part of many flips.

During this period you may notice payments being collected by both suppliers but please be rest assured you are not paying for energy twice. This is due to OFGEM setting a regulation that the account is to be active until the final bill is produced.

Once your final bill is produced, you will be notified via email. If you are in a credit, this should be refunded directly back to you and if there is a debit, this will be collected as your final Direct Debit payment.

It is through this live Direct Debit that the refund/final payment is taken, however if these double payments will cause you Financial hardship, you are well within your rights to cancel your Direct Debit with your bank, and settle the final bill when it is produced. 

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