We understand that moving can be a difficult time for everyone but if you are moving home, be sure to let us know so that we can stop any flips at your current address and update our records.

If you are staying within the UK, we hope that you would like to pack Flipper along with all of your house move essentials.

It is important to register with the current supplier at the new property, as we can't flip "Occupier" accounts. Once you have done this, we will need to know:

  • Your full address
  • A copy of your new bill when it is available/your new log in details
  • What meter/utility setup you have at the property

We will then help you get saving in your new home too.

A few things to remember

On the day you leave, please make sure you take meter readings and notify your current supplier that you are moving property. 

Once you are in the new property, we'd suggest taking an opening meter reading as soon as possible and submitting these to your new supplier so that they're able to generate your opening bill.

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